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I like T.V. There. I said it.

With that admission out of the way, allow me to extend my kudos to NBC for appearing to have the best line up of the networks this fall. ABC and CBS offer nothing I want to watch. UPN has Everybody Hates Chris which I really want to see but it’s up against Joey. I’m leaning towards Chris and waiting for the repeats of Joey.

I am sorry to say that I missed the season premiere of Fox’s The Simpsons. WTF? Fox, you SO dropped the ball here. For years The Simpsons’ premier was delayed until November, starting with the Halloween episode. Mind you, I always found it ridiculous and annoying to have a Halloween show in November. Nonetheless, I was comfortable blowing off Fox until that time of year. Then they go and pull this September premiere crap and I get gypped out of two of my favorite shows’ openers.

To my surprise, NBC seems to have the most number of shows I want to watch. Return favorites like Law and Order (classic version & the SVU), West Wing, and The Apprentice are already on my list. Newcomers from last year, Joey and The Office are on the list too, minus the little scheduling issue I have with Joey. N00bs E-Ring and My Name is Earl are both quite promising.

As far as the premiers go, Law & Order’s was ok. Jack McCoy was unethical and committed malpractice as usual and I huffed and puffed about how fake it was. My love-hate relationship with that show is at least 10 years old. SVU proved to be on track in its usual creepy crime sort of way.

A weak opening for The Office disappointed me. The show came out strong last year with its painfully uncomfortable humor, but Tuesday night’s show just didn’t have that same shine. I’m not ready to write it off yet, though. West Wing, Joey, & The Apprentice are yet to air their openers.

As for the new kids on the network, I tolerated my way through The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. I’m still not real sure why. Being produced by Trump, the familiarity to format was probably what kept me watching. I don’t think I will go out of my way to tune in, but if I happen to remember I may go back.

Fairing slightly better was E-Ring. This show is part of the NBC Washington ‘ing’ series – West Wing, E-Ring, and the yet to be pitched to anyone of any import – Lobbying (a show about Congressional hustlers and hustled. C’mon wonks, you know you’d watch it). Seriously though, it does show promise. I missed some of it, but it being TV and all I caught up quickly. Benjamin Bratt and the uber-cool Dennis Hopper seemed to work well together. And did I mention Dennis Hopper? Hell yeah, it’s Dennis Hopper.

I am already in love with My Name is Earl. It helps that the star and producer of the show, Jason Lee, has been in a number of Kevin Smith movies, which means he rocks by association. The show itself had a number of good characters who seemed to work well together. I also found it hilarious that Lee has made himself up to look like Jimmy Buffet circa 1973. Please don’t let this show go the way of Whoopi (another I loved and lost). But Lee – either take on a southern accent or don’t. You’re not consistent and it needs work.

My eyes hurt.

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  1. Michael says:

    I totally disagree about the office. I loved the new episode. While it still has some ways to go to compare to the UK version, it is better than must sitcoms right now.

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