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illustrious punks of Progress shriek

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I ate my oversized, bbq’d ribeye this evening with slight pangs of guilt knowing some of my fellow countryfolk suffer tonight. Pathetic really, since it is every night that some of my fellow countryfolk suffer; the suffering just happens to be on a much grander scale as of late. The news annoys me now. All are biased, so I choose only America’s Debate because at least I understand the bias.

My dreams have been haunted with post-apocalyptic images, floods, droughts, fear, oppressive authority. I take comfort in knowing good folks like my AD friends, Dontreadonme, Suzy Steamboat & Overlandsailor. Hearts bigger and more capable than mine. I take comfort in reading ee cummings and H.L. Mencken, sarcastic fellow Americans. I take comfort in my warm bed in my air conditioned house. I take comfort in my back up plans. I take comfort on labor day for all those who labor harder than I ever will. I take comfort because I can.

I will now rapidly drink a glass of water.

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