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Berhe said she‘s looking forward to lower prices, but in the meantime people at the gas station say they‘ll just have to put up with some abuse.

Gas Station Workers Face Angry Customers

“As long as the gas is up, people don’t want to come into the store. Our business has slowed down,” said Lindsey Liggett, an attendant there who said she’d like to see gas prices lower.

Gas stations are hurting, too

He hopes that prices will start to come down and stabilize soon but admits that the city will do what’s needed to stay in its budget, including making cuts.”

Record-high gas prices taking toll on drivers

“But Mancuso said he is keeping his fingers crossed that fuel prices will drop later in the budget year.”

City rolls on despite ballooning fuel bill

Modern American visionaries.

Hope springs eternal. Oil doesn’t.

Head. Sand. Get it out people. The prices are not going down. Not now. Not ever.

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The Gull Reef Club