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For Doc

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A dream I had from last night involved my friend Doc, so I feel compelled to share. While short, it was ridiculously detailed.

Doc had come to me saying he needed to find a Georgia lawyer to represent him. He apparently had opened a chain of for-profit hospitals called Doclotus Centers. To advertise his new hospitals he wanted to rent billboard space from Lamar Advertising.*

Lamar was refusing to do business with him because the ads stated the Doclotus Centers were ‘the best.’ Lamar claimed that a for-profit hospital could not make such a claim under STARK II** I recall telling Doc that he was in luck in finding a lawyer because our firm represented every company in the state of Georgia that began with the letters ‘D-O-C’. I also advised Doc that Lamar didn’t have authority to enforce STARK II. And that’s all I got.

Sorry to have dragged you into my subconscious like this, Doc.

*This company made the news recently for their self-righteous refusal to display pro-gay billboards, See: 7.30.2005

**Obscure federal regulations I sometimes deal with in real life

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