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Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

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Our first wave of houseguests has ebbed and I’m honestly sorry to see them go. We had a lovely time together and had the great fortune of spending much of it at the beach.

Yesterday proved to be an interesting day at the ocean. Tropical Storm Irene was nearly due east of us. This lent to beautiful weather but extremely choppy water. The tide is something to behold on days like yesterday. Imagine standing waist deep in water, having the water suck away from the shore so fast it nearly pulls you backwards leaving you shin deep in water for a brief second before a wave a few feet higher than your head comes crashing over dragging you tumbling to shore. I really couldn’t handle it for very long. Not only my nerdy fear of losing my glasses, but my muscles just couldn’t endure for all that long. The ocean commands respect and it certainly has mine.

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