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No Vacancy at The Gull Reef Club

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My time online will be reduced a bit this month. This week we have Mike‘s brother and his girlfriend in town. Later in the week, we have the pleasure of visiting with Wertz and Sean while they are in town for their anniversary (congrats!). Later in the month, Mike’s dad arrives for three weeks. We also have two family birthdays to celebrate this month. Busy, busy.

I thought you beachcombers would appreciate a few assorted links to keep yourselves occupied during my sporadic blogging month.

First we have Ghillie Suits. I suddenly have a new understanding of those Bigfoot stories on Coast to Coast AM.

Thanks to Joe for the following: Bullsh!t Generator. Wonder if this explains his posts any. Woot

This link is probably more funny to me than any of you because it took me back to my wannabe punk/goth/black clothing wearing days: Einstürzende Neueküchen. I actually asked my German teacher in high school what Einstürzende Neubauten meant. He looked at me strangely. I attributed that to the plate that was rumored to be in his head. Maybe that wasn’t it after all.

Mitch Fincher’s Penny Structures, link courtesy of Mike by way of Joe.

I don’t recall how I stumbled upon this site but it’s one of those endless click & stare jobs: Signs of Life. I even got Mike interested in it & he sent them this Sign #161, Do Not Disturb.

Canadians are smarter and classier than Americans. It’s true. There’s proof on teh internets: People Opposed to Outfall Pollution. Now confess, how many of you clicked on the photo gallery expecting something totally different? Me too.

One More Level. This game couldn’t be more appropriately named…er, translated.

New England Sucks – we happen to share server space with this guy. He also owns .net & .org – I wonder how he really feels about New England. Of course, if I still lived up north, I could see me starting a similar page for similar reasons.

And finally, a little something I shared with some of you already Black People Love Us!. Yes, this one’s been around forever, but it’s always fresh to someone and still funny enough to keep passing on.

Until next time, beachcombers…

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