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Short Story Reading

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As I mentioned here, Edna Ferber’s Cheerful – By Request was the next on my list. I can’t say I liked it as much as Buttered Side Down. While it had the same flair for character development as my previous reading, many of the stories came off as irrelevant, as they were somewhat outdated. And while I usually can find ways to relate to historic, obsolete emotions, I just couldn’t here. It was an easy read, nonetheless, so at least I didn’t waste a lot of time on it.

I next spent a little time with Twain’s How To Tell a Story and Others. It’s a baby-sized read, and told in that lovely Americana style that Twain defines. Obviously, the theme was to let the audience in on the details of creating a narrative. It worked well. Although, I can’t say that I am any better now at writing a humorous story.

I’m on a short story kick, so I’ve now taken up Saki’s Beasts and Super Beasts. Compelling reading so far. In fact, I had fitful, disturbing dreams involving an Edwardian English countryside last night. More on this some other time, beachcombers.

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