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The Community is Patriotic

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:12 pm

The Savannah Morning News offers an explanation for the psuedo-invasion yesterday:

600 Marines, sailors land in Savannah to train

You’re right, that gray helicopter you just saw land in Daffin Park wasn’t with the Army.

In fact, it was a CH-53E Super Stallion, used to move heavy equipment and supplies for the U.S. Marine Corps.

The idea is to deploy forces in an unfamiliar location, and have them react to a combat scenario that will evolve over the next several days.

(Captain) Dent said Savannah was chosen for two reasons: The community is patriotic and receptive to a military presence, and there is already a military infrastructure in place. (Savannah Morning News, Registration Required)

They were landing those things in Daffin Park??!? The same Daffin Park that is home to historic Grayson Stadium and sits along the famous palm-lined Victory Drive? Captain Dent clearly acknowledges there is military infrastructure in place here – so go there. Why was Hunter Army Airfield all of the sudden not sufficient?

Further curiosity – is the military now gauging the patriotic levels of various cities? How did Savannah receive such an honor? I guess the old girl just can’t say no to a strong military. We fluttered our eyelids and flashed a bit of ankle at Sherman and fanned ourselves in Forsyth Park at the G8. C’mon fellows, just land your birds near those century old trees. Those folks in the mansions across the street won’t mind, they’re patriotic.

Final curiosity – why does the phrase ‘receptive to a military presence’ sound so sexually charged?

God bless the USA.

Fools of Statecraft

Filed under: — Jaime @ 8:31 am

Today from the BBC:

The Bush administration is abandoning the phrase “war on terror” to better express the fight against al-Qaeda and other groups as an ideological struggle as much as a military mission.
[ snip]
In recent days, senior administration figures have been speaking publicly of “a global struggle against the enemies of freedom”, and of the need to use all “tools of statecraft” to defeat them.

Tools of statecraft?!? What the hell does that mean?

This just in….White House calls for new policy of porcine lip decoration application exercises. Please adjust your vocabulary accordingly.

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