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Me in Myanmar

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A day late and likely more than a few dollars short, we find ourselves for this week’s Postcard in Myanmar’s capital city, Yangon, aka Rangoon (and Myanmar is aka Burma, fyi – keep up, the names don’t get any easier to remember).

It’s fitting that I’m stuck on where to begin discussing our travels in Yangon. A dilemma of balance seems fitting for a country with a deep Buddhist ancestry. On one hand, Yangon offers up some of the world’s most exquisite architectural sites. On the other it is home to an oppresive military dictatorship. Which path to travel first?

Let’s start down the dark path so we may leave in the light. No travels to Yangon can be made without turing our attention to the plight of Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi. Her story has fascinated me for years. I hope she has an opportunity to see her homeland free.

While I was at that site, I came across this interesting news article. Scroll to “junta pondering leaving Yangon for somewhere “safer”",

Talk of an “escape city” for the generals has spread throughout Yangon. The plan was apparently reinforced by the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, which heightened the junta’s fears of attack by the United States, analysts say.

Some observers believe the generals think the United States could invade by sea, which would put Yangon — a port on the Andaman Sea — and all the top command on the front line.

I won’t be the one to break it to these folks that they don’t have anything worth offending for.

The dark path of Burma continues as I learned about the travel ban debate surrounding this nation. Land of the Golden Temples provides a good summary of what is at issue. Since we’re only virtually traveling and none of our money is landing in the pockets of the government, I think we’re cool if we continue on.

To the galleries now, beachcombers. The brighter path of Rangoon brings us to some of the world’s most detailed pagodas (payas). Worldsiround and Wit VerHoogt’s Individual Travel in Burma are good places to start.

A number of professional and semi-professional photographers have been enchanted by Yangon. Goto Osami does a magnificent job of capturing Yangon in his three galleries, one, two, three. Mike Rogero provides us with a look at Rangoon’s people, be sure to read his commentary for useful and relevant information. Alfred Molon rounds out the general sightseeing with his extensive overall gallery.

Alfred Molon also does us the favor of photographing some of Burma’s cuisine, Burmese Food. Who’s not hungry after viewing that? Also of miscellaneous interest are the 12 Month’s Festivals celebrated throughout the year.

It’s time to leave Yangon. Before we do, however, we must stop at the Mother Land (2) for some Engrish fun. Now, we are proud to say that after the 5 years in services, we can fulfill our dream of “100% Guest Satisfactory”.

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