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Stuck in the airport

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This week’s postcard isn’t finished yet. While we’re stuck in the airport waiting for our flight, I have some good reading material for you. Three more America’s Debate members are blogging these days.

First, we have the appropriately named hosted by nemov, of course. Also a good read, when she has a chance to post, is Brief Prolixity from the cookie queen, kmsouthern. Finally, we have the four-alarm blog of Suzy Steamboat – The Upward Spiral – spicy stuff.

I also want to mention Mike and I had the great fortune to meet Ms. Suzy Steamboat for breakfast this morning, as she happened to be in town. We had a lovely time. Mike took a few pics and we’ll post them soon (with Ms. Suzy’s permission, of course).

Postcard tomorrow. :)

The Gull Reef Club