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Kiss me in Kosice

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Postcard courtesy of Zdenko Liptak

Dobry den, beachcombers. Today’s Postcard finds us in Košice, Košice, Slovakia. Košice is the capital city of the ‘kraj’ (region/district) by the same name. It is the second largest city in the Slovak Republic. The city’s name is pronounced Ko-SHEETS-seh for those of us not up on our Slovak.

This lovely old berg of 250,000 or so inhabitants is nestled in the far eastern part of the Slovak Republic. It lies in the Košice basin, in the valley of the Hornad River. To the north are the the Cierna Hora mountains and to the west of Košice are the the Volovske Vrchy Hills. Košice dates back to the 13th century. provides a consice history of the region.

Košice is a really tiny place and it shouldn’t take us too long to see most of the sites. Maureen Mikovics Pulignano offers a lovely general gallery of photos. There are also some delightful photos in the Albis Photo-Gallery, although I find it unfortunate none of the photos were labelled. Both Kosicke.d42 and offer informational tours of Košice’s historical monuments. Far and away, Julius Silver provides the most thorough gallery.

For more a detailed tour, created this one of St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral. I also found this page dedicated to Urban’s Tower. Yes, the site is entirely in Slovak. Just click a picture and stare. Then say, ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh.’ Move along. Repeat. That’s all you need to do. That’s how these tours work. Plus, it’s easy to do in Košice, because the architecture is stunning.

A number of websites offer authentic Slovakian recipes including George Dolnak’s The Recipes of Slovakia Remembered,’s Recipe Guide, University of Pittsburgh’s Slovak Recipes, and The Slovac-American Cultural Society of the Midwest’s Food From The Best Cook – Our Mothers. Good heavy eats. Hope you’re up for a little sauerkraut.

Like many cities of the former Soviet republics, Košice is still adjusting to a more free market society. Unemployment is high, around 15%. Yet, the workforce is highly educated and with Slovakia’s admission to the EU, the future looks bright. Oddly enough, US Steel is the largest employer in Košice. They seem to recognize their role as a local corporate giant and give back to the area in the way of organized events and regional development. There is a lot of potential in this city.

This visit to Košice has been short but pleasant. I’ll warn you in advance that next week’s trip may not be all that glamorous. I will be preparing the polls for the America’s Debate Year in Review, 2004-2005, which puts Postcards in the backseat. Anyway, this trip to Košice has been enchanting. Thank you to our kind webhosts.


See? I told ya this week’s trip location wouldn’t start with the letter C.

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