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Nickerie, Suriname

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Today we travel to the sleepy little farming district, Nickerie, on the Atlantic coast of western Suriname. Nickerie is partially bordered on the east by the Nickerie River and on the west by the Corantijn River. The Corantijn River also marks the far western border between Suriname and Guyana.

Suriname is a former colony of the Netherlands. Suriname became independent from the Netherlands in 1975 and like many former colonies, there are some stability problems in its government. Suriname held a general election this week, Surinam election ends in deadlock. The article indicates that no party received a majority of the votes. This may be due to the fact that Suriname is an extremely diverse nation, ethnically and religiously. The election results may merely be reflecting the diversity of this nation, but I won’t pretend to know anything about Surinam’s political scene.

Nieuw Nickerie is the capital of the district of Nickerie and the second biggest city in Suriname. It is a city on the run from the ocean. Nieuw Nickerie currently lies in its third location. The Nickerie River has claimed the first two homes of Nieuw Nickerie. The city was forced to move each time. Nieuw Nickerie is now protected by a sea wall in hopes to reduce the need for further city relocations.

Nickerie’s claim to fame is its abundant rice plantations. There are also a number of banana and tobacco plantations as well. So like most farming areas around the world, there isn’t much going on around here. Marlon Romeo has put together an incredibly comprehensive look at Nickerie on his site, Nickerie on the Web (Click on the image to start your tour). Ok, so the page looks a little 1998. You think Mr. Romeo has broadband access, photoshop, dreamweaver or whatever else he’d need to make a 2005 looking site? Me neither. Mr. Romeo, you have done a fabulous job. If I ever come to your beloved Nickerie, I’m looking you up to be my tour guide.

WunderPhotos has two decent pics of Nickerie, WunderPhotos. I also found this gallery that gives us a nice glimpse of Nieuw Nickerie, J. Willemsen’s Nieuw Nickerie Gallery. There are some striking similarities between Nieuw Nickerie and Savannah. The silty river water, the disheveled greenery, tin roofed shacks on stilts… Nieuw Nickerie seems laid back and sleepy. My kind of place.

I couldn’t help but think, however, that Nieuw Nickerie must be infested with mosquitoes after seeing this pic of their main street:


Egad. Get that water flowing people. No wonder every site I found about traveling to Suriname says you must get a malaria shot.

No trip is complete without sampling the local fare, Recipes from the Surinam kitchen. Lots of seafood, curries and chilies. This is a diet I could get used to quickly.

As with all of our Sunday Postcards this virtual trip must end. Don’t trade in your Euros yet, however. I received my first request for a virtual trip from Ms. Flynny. Next week, The Gull Reef Club Jet will be heading out to Italy in search of some Roman ruins.

Nickerie, Suriname is a quiet farm district that seems to change as much as the tides. I have enjoyed the pleasant, humid haze of this trip. Vaarwel, Nickerie.

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  1. We will like to see more of Nieuw Nickerie. We lived at 32 Anna Straat, and now in Canada.
    Nieuw Nickerie is exceptionally beautiful. We are proud to be Nickerians and you should also be proud. We love Nickerie and will return some day.

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