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Filed under: — Jaime @ 10:13 pm is a site I found by way of Radley Balko’s blog, The Agitator.

On initial perusal Plogress seems very cool and hosts a concept that our own government should have implemented long ago. However, the cynical blogger in me can’t quite trust Plogress since I am unable to determine anything about who runs it. I admit I didn’t spend too much time looking but netiquette necessitates an ‘about’ page. Further, none of the three main entries are dated. Oddness. Anyone have any clue as to the (wo)man/men behind Plogress’ binary curtain?

Democrats Violate Geneva Conventions in Senate Chamber!

Filed under: — Jaime @ 6:16 pm

On the Senate floor this afternoon, Trent Lott courageously defended a voiceless victim who has suffered “years of hell”* in a “torture chamber”* by the hands of the nefarious Democrats.

Who is this victim you ask? Prisoners of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo? No, beachcombers, if you guessed that, you are mistaken. This “torture chamber” is right here at home and the victim in it is none other than Justice Priscilla Owen, a federal court nominee. (Insert sound effect of brakes squealing or record being ripped from player here).

So Lott is either a major drama queen or far more callous in his politicking than I had previously thought. Why else would he use such dramatic terminology with respect to such a mild issue as judicial nominees when he, among others, is responsible for placing our soldiers into the face of real hell and setting the stage for real torture chambers? I loathe the misuse of language, particularly such upsetting, emotionally-charged language as Lott uses here. It’s just flurking rude, OK? Emotional language is STOOPID and anyone who uses it is a big fat, jerk who should be tortured in hell. Er…ahem…

Lott’s audacity in using such inflammatory wording is a core reason behind our political parties being so polarized and why most of us Americans are sick of both of them. Our leaders in DC have no respect for language and no respect for their constituents’ reasoning ability. Speak to us in paragraphs, in pages, and in chapters. Not everything needs to be made into a soundbite and not everything has to have drama.

*Source: Statements were noted by me while watching C-Span2 online this afternoon during the noon hour.

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