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Moronic America #2: Power thieves

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When grocery shopping, have any of you pondered the necessity of open door refrigeration? Anyone? errmmm…glaven.

Open door grocery displays annoy me. Our power company has raised rates in the last year and has petitioned to do so again. Yet, these grocery stores are never ordered to get some freakin’ doors for their fridges and freezers and do a little on their end for conservation. I wondered how much money could be saved if these stores would simply buy closed displays instead of open ones and found this example, BestWay of Hemingway, SC. Apparently, BestWay saved over $12k in one year by moving from an open to a closed display system. That’s a lot of hamburger.

Other than the fact that we are grossly spoiled westerners, there is absolutely no other explanation for placing groceries in open refrigerators. I don’t need “open access” and I certainly don’t need to “Grab’n-Go”*. Listen, grocery store owners:


Put a door on the compartment and save us all some money. And while you’re at it, turn down your lights when you’re closed. We don’t need our streets lit up like we’re on the Vegas strip just so you can keep your image advertising going. Power thieves.

*Note that ‘Grab’n-Go’ is spelled exactly as I have it here. Why would they use what appears to be a trademarked phrase? I am confused as to why ‘grab and go’ would not have sufficed in their description.

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  1. jmflynny says:

    Not to mention that we would no longer be required to dress our children in their Winter gear in order to buy a box of Bubba Burgers.

  2. Jaime says:

    No doubt! I keep a sweater in the backseat of our car specifically for trips to the Piggly Wiggly, affectionately dubbed my “pig-sweater.” lol

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