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Not much blogworthy as of late. Mike and I have been cooking up some ideas for expanding AD. The little creative energy I have has been spent in that arena…well that and a little Sims 2 home building I did this week as well.

Oh yeah, and I also got my haircut. No one notices when I get my hair cut. It goes from really long to long. I’m no slave to fashion anyway so I’m not offended if no one notices.

Tonight’s delicious scented dinner has been wafting upstairs all day. Slow cooked BBQ pork chops. Mmm…I can’t wait for dinner.

The Georgia GOP invaded Savannah this weekend. Obviously, the local police were prepared for the antics of those bawdy republicans: Prostitution Sting Results in Seven Arrests. I’m working on Mike to go to River Street with me tonight sporting AD shirts and spread some publicity to the powerful muckety-mucks of my state. Plus, it would be too cool to snap a pic of Sonny Perdue hanging out at Wet Willie’s.

Random question – do any of you have woods in your downtown areas where people live? We have a number of them here in Savannah. One of the woodland camps is rather close to our home in some woods under an overpass. It’s obvious people live there but the authorities seem to ignore them. Just the other day Mike and I saw a couple pushing a shopping cart along the railroad tracks to the camp. This is weird, right?

Paranormal lovers and skeptics: it’s a free stream-link weekend at Coast to Coast AM. Sign up here.

I recently stumbled across this website: It’s one of the best news link collections I’ve found. It certainly blows Drudge and Google News out of the water. The search feature is excellent. I’ve found local news reported in tech journals and such that simply isn’t being reported in the mainstream local media.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I think I know where we’re traveling tomorrow. Pack for a trip to Afghanistan. Ladies, bring your burkas.

The Gull Reef Club