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Havana Daydreamin’

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By Thursday, I began to fret that I would not be able to come up with a suitable locale for today’s postcard series. I continually found myself viewing depressing, war-related photo galleries and I really didn’t want to use that for this week. Friday morning I woke up in the middle of a dream where I lived on a beautiful beach in Havana and I knew it was Havana because written in the sand under the clear water near the shore were the letters ‘Hava’ and the rest was washed out. Havana it is, then…obviously :blink:

We now start our virtual journey to our closest tropical neighbor, the forbidden paradise of Havana, Cuba.

The first thing that caught my eye, as I think it does most tourists, is how trapped in time Havana appears, particularly the old architecture and the well preserved, half-century old American automobiles. Our first stop, Stanley Recek’s Havana, Cuba Gallery captures the architecture portion of this time warp well. Gerald Oskoboiny’s Havana Gallery has some great shots of the cars. He juxtaposes many of them with crowds of people in typical street scenes, such as this image – I suggest clicking on the large version to do it justice.

The next thing I noticed is that everyone who takes a holiday in Havana photographs this hotel:

This photo courtesy of Amity Wilczek’s Havana Gallery

Really, though, I don’t blame them. If my nanny, er government, would allow me to travel to Havana I would photograph that hotel too.

For a unique way of seeing Havana, allow Michael Palin to be your guide on a Hemingway Adventure. I confess I’ve not read anything by Hemingway, but I am quite familiar with the Palin’s Travels series. Despite, my Hemingway ignorance, Palin does a great job of keeping it fun and providing essential information to make the story complete. I at least come away with a curiosity as to the taste of a mojito.

As we depart Havana, I am left with sadness at the bitter feud this lovely island and my nation continue into a fifth decade. Our embargoes have not hurt Fidel Castro and his supporters. They continue to live in Cuban opulence and a majority of its citizens suffer. We need to end our political snubbing and embrace our southern brothers with our capitalism. I think it would be gratifying to start a tradition of rehabilitation and restoration in Havana as Savannah experienced in the 1950′s under the auspices of what we now call the The Savannah Historic Foundation.

Vivo el Capitalismo!

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  1. ConservPat says:

    I’m with you a 100% Jaime, there is no practical reason to keep this embargo up. From what I’ve heard from relatives who’ve been to Havana they say it is very nice…My cousin called it a “more pleasant Miami”. Hopefully someone’ll come to there senses in DC and “give us us free”.


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