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Sunday Travels

Filed under: — Jaime @ 10:48 pm

As you know, I like to use my net connection to travel to places I may otherwise not go. Since I do it so often, I thought it would be nice to try and make my travels a regular feature. It being a new concept, I am open to travel ideas.

This week’s travels didn’t take me very far geographically, but instead, back in time. Our first stop in the Gull Reef Club Time Machine is Savannah, somewhere between 1939 and 1941.

~The Living in Savannah scrapbooks consist of photographs taken by Armstrong Junior College students for a Contemporary Georgia course in 1939-40 and 1940-41. Both albums are part of the Florence Powell Minis collection housed at the Lane Library.
Living in Savannah, Volume I
Living in Savannah, Volume II
I searched through all the pictures in both of these volumes trying to find my house – to no avail.

Our next stop is another Armstrong Atlantic University sponsored creation.
~Artwork of Savannah was published in 1893 by the W. H. Parish Publishing Co. of Chicago. Armstrong’s copy is a part of the Florence Powell Minis Collection housed at the Lane Library.
Artwork in Savannah, The Digital Collection.

Tonight’s final stop takes us to the UGA sponsored Vanishing Georgia Project.
Vanishing Georgia comprises nearly 18,000 photographs. Ranging from daguerreotypes to Kodachrome prints, the images span over 100 years of Georgia history.

My specific search was on ‘Savannah.’ There are a number of interesting results. (Note: you will need to scroll to image #13 before you start seeing the Chatham County/Savannah pics).
~Vanishing Georgia, Savannah

Well, I hoped you have enjoyed your little journey through time. See ya next week. :)

Jury Duty: Live Blogging

Filed under: — Jaime @ 7:18 pm

Well I promised I’d let you beachcombers know how jury duty went and while I may fulfill promises slowly, I always fulfill them.

Notes and thoughts from jury duty:

Moved fast so far. Short security line. Took the stairs to the 2nd floor (you’d be amazed how many people take the elevators in this building. Really, people, it’s only 6 floors total).

Everyone congregating in the hall under the ‘jury assembly’ signs hanging from the ceiling. Only a few minutes before we are ushered into another room. Large, blue, lots of seats. CNN on TV. Odd – they told us we couldn’t bring newspapers, but CNN is ok. (Here I wrote in my notes, “Nxt 2 me % proof?” – I have no idea what that means.)

Thoughts as I sit watching CNN:
-Wonder if this place is wired for cable?
-Can I change the channel?
-What is that box?
-That wire certainly looks like a cable wire.

The guy sitting next to me is named Spencer. He does something with boats. Owner? Navigator? Something on the river. Tan, younger, more southern Tony Blair looking.

Woman who ushered us into room starts intro speech. Highlights:
-10 minutes on the definition on reserved parking and the penalties for occupying the elite’s pre-paid asphalt square.
-voter registration drive (she told us that if we weren’t registered to vote that we could do so while we were there. )
-confiscate cell/pager & not get back! (Yes, that’s right. The lady told us that if a cell phone, pager, watch or other technical device interrupted proceedings, the Court could take our device away and not give it back. Total BS if you ask me. The Court can’t simply confiscate your personal property indefinitely. Illegal seizure and due process violations abound).

Film. Very patriotic. I love America. I love jury duty.

Assigned numbers, I am 39. There are about 45 people here.

9:50, break. (A break and we’ve only been there 50 mins. Getting my first glimpse of life as a government employee).

Returned to room & forced to sit in number order. So far so good – not have to sit by perfume lady. Leader lady passes around checks for $10. Tells us there is one case pending before Judge Brannen. Calculating odds. 12-14 out of 45. Eh.

Wait. Read book. Watch some CNN.

Leader lady comes in & says we’re on stand-by. Juror asks if case was going to settle. She claimed she didn’t know. I’m smelling a dismissal. Dismiss me. Dissmiss me. So sleepy, want to go home.

Someone has a cellphone on in here! Doh!

Snoring guy next to me is starting to gross me out. Damned assigned seats.

Oh joy. Another break.

So, Ms Jaime, is there anything that would prejudice you in this case?
Yeah, waiting two freakin’ hours in a windowless room. My hatred for the system is blinding.

Plea!! Huzzah. Free to go home.

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