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I put up a few new links today and noticed that my descriptions of everyone’s sites have disappeared. Mike claims they did when he upgraded the WordPress software. Could be. I tend not to be that observant when it comes to stuff like this. So is life…

Anyway, the new links are:

America’s Debate Resources – a directory of member-submitted links covering a broad range of topics related to news, government, and political debate. Big duh to me. How did I forget to put this up sooner?

Divine InnerBitchin’ – luck of the draw on pingomatic’s last 100 submissions led me to Ms. Flynny’s page and I haven’t left since. She is a charming writer with a delicious sarcastic side.

Gut Rumbles – I found this blog linked off Ms. Flynny’s site. This is not blog-lite.

Dizzy-Girl I mentioned this site previously. It’s back up now. If anyone is keeping a scorecard, I found Gennie’s site through GutRumbles.

All three of these folks are southeast coast bloggers also. Yay, geography!

The Gull Reef Club