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Real ID Act of 2005, Update

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It appears the “emergency” appropriations bill has finally made it’s way to the Senate, along with the attached Real ID Act of 2005 that I first referenced here.

I wrote to both of my Senators the following:

Hello Senator _______________-

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring in D.C. It’s been lovely here in Savannah.

I am writing you today regarding the upcoming Senate vote on the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Action; more specifically, the House amendment attached to it entitled the ‘REAL ID Act of 2005.’ I have a few concerns regarding this Act and I hope you have an opportunity to address them.

My first concern is privacy. A number of news articles have surfaced recently entailing mass identity theft from private database companies (See: and,2933,147887,00.html for examples). There are no assurances in the Act, as written, regarding the protection of personal identity information. What is especially onerous is the provision that a person’s social security number must be submitted in order to receive a driver’s license. Identity theft is becoming all too easy. Please do not allow the Senate to assist identity thieves by forcing the placement of all of our personal information in one location. I hope you have never had the misfortune of having your identity stolen. I had it happen to me and it resulted in the loss of time and money. I can only imagine how much worse it would have been had the thief been able to obtain my social security number also.

My second concern is that this Act appears to be yet another unfunded federal mandate passed onto the states. This Act forces the states to foot the bill and the burden of the work, and at the same time, increases the central authority of the federal government. I realize we have an immigration problem in this country and this Act intends to curb that. It is a flawed, misguided solution, however. Our immigration problems are at the federal level. Please do not pass those problems off on the states because some of your fellow representatives in Washington are too scared/beholden to supporters/passive to deal with the issue federally.

I encourage you to not sign any appropriations actions that include mandates on the states on how to issue driver’s licenses.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

With kind regards,

Jaime _________
P.O. Box 10303
Savannah, GA 31412

I’m not going to encourage you to write to your Senators. You know when to do the right thing or you don’t mind getting spit at. Either way, I’m not your mommy and I’m sick of the government thinking it is too. Write or don’t. I don’t care. It’s only your identity we’re talking here.

-And spare me the lecture on using a Fox News link, I have some of the reddest, party yes-men men as my senators and I wanted them not to write me off as a left wing loon (shudder to think…).

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  1. ConservPat says:

    This just in from CNN. Due to an articulate and logically sound letter from someone who calls herself Jaime in Georgia, the Federal Government has dropped it’s plans to pass the Real ID Act of 2005…

    Gee, who says letters don’t help [Rolls eyes].


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