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Essaouira, Morroco

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Not being very interested in displays of the_ Pope’s body, I opted to go internet traveling.

Across the Atlantic, on nearly the same latitude as Savannah, is the city of Essaouira, Morocco. It seems that our latitude is really the only things we have in common. Essaouira seems like a lovely city, but I’m not certain I’d ever want to travel there. For one thing, they speak French and Arabic, and I don’t. Plus, all the women in the pics I found were wearing hijab. I couldn’t determine if westerners were welcome to go without.

Essaouira’s beach looks nothing like Tybee. Apparently when the tide goes out, the beach gets huge. It is also very flat, no dunes in sight. There doesn’t seem to be much vegetation either.

I found a few galleries that captured the city in general, the old city and mixed pics of the city.

I ended on this gallery, Essaouria la bleue. It’s in French but the theme is obvious – blue. I really enjoyed this gallery. The blue offsets what looks to be an otherwise very brown city.

So does googling for anything Moroccan get one on a Homeland Security watch list?

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