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Still Lazy After all these Years

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Today is proving to be one of those exquisitely perfect weekend days.

Yesterday I was abruptly awakened by my neighbor moving her lawn and her little boy running around after her yelling, “Mah!Mah!” at 7-freakin-30 in the morning. Having gone to bed at about 3:30, I was none too pleased. I tried to go to sleep in the spare bedroom (a/k/a Wertz‘s room) but that only resulted in me getting a sore neck and a headache. I spent most of yesterday in a hazy grump.

It started raining about 9 pm last night and I remarked to Mike that I wished it rained all day on Sunday so none of our early-bird neighbors would wake us up. Sometimes, life works out so you actually get what you wish for, no strings attached. Today is my day.

It poured all night. My TV just told me we got 3-5 inches over night and we all know TV does not lie. I slept nearly till 10 when the rain really started to come down. I got up, did a window check to make sure the rain wasn’t blowing into any of our open windows (it was not) and I returned to bed. Slept all the way until 1pm when I awoke to the smell of coffee that Mike had already started and the rainy, marshy, ocean scented air coming through the windows.

I’ve been lazily surfing around teh internets all morning, still in my pajamas. I probably would not even bother getting dressed today if it were not for the fact that Mike and I want a surf and turf dinner and we need to go out to get some surf (fresh shrimp). Gee, I hope they are open. It’s a holiday or something, isn’t it?

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