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Another St. Pat’s parade has come and gone for Savannah. Yesterday’s turn out was much more sparse than last year. It was entirely the fault of the weather. I don’t even know if it reached 50, putting us at more than twenty degrees under the average daily high temp for this time of year. The bright side was, despite the fact that it wasn’t bright, there was no rain on our parade. The weather still beat the weather at any Southside Irish parade I attended growing up (and I attended most of them from birth till moving south :D )

The Alee Shriners were allowed to march in the parade again (they withdrew their entire participation a few years ago when they were told to limit their number of marchers). It was great to see old white men dressed as sheiks, hillbillies and pirates. Not sure the connection to anything Irish but their costumes were a hoot.

We only encountered one drunk jerk. On Bay Street, by Tony Roma’s, it got a little crowded and that made it hard to pass if you wanted to move anywhere. Mike and I don’t watch parades like normal people. We don’t camp out in one spot. We keep moving and try to catch the parade from all different spots downtown. For us, seeing the crowds is just as much fun as the parade itself. Anyway, on Bay Street, we decided to stop and watch the parade for a minute and allow the crowd let up a bit before we moved on. Some old, drunk jerk who apparently wanted to pass but was too inhibited to put forth the pushing effort necessary for the thick crowd, starting yelling to no one in particular “That guy won’t move!” After he yells this a few times, Mike tells him, “Go around, we’re watching a parade.” Whala! That was enough to spark the lightbulb over this dimwit to push on through the crowd. Stupid drunk.

Back home again we cooked up the traditional corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. Normally Mike and I can polish off an entire 4 lb. brisket in one sitting, but we didn’t do it this year. It is not a bad thing to have corned beef as a leftover.

Tonight we get to see Buddy Guy. I am soooo thrilled. Show starts at 9 pm. Plenty of time to completely sloth around the house. Maybe I’ll even get a nap. :)

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