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Moronic America #1

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This is the first in what may or may not become a series of posts regarding moronic actions taken by the United States Government.

CNN News Item, 2.28.2005: TSA: Airplane lighter ban to take effect in April

Airline passengers, who already are prohibited from carrying torch-like butane lighters onto commercial aircraft, will be prohibited from carrying any type of lighter on planes and into secure areas of airports beginning April 14, the Transportation Security Administration announced Monday.

But the TSA is not prohibiting matches, at least not yet.

Huh? Que? Bitte? This makes no freakin’ sense. Has there EVER been a problem with someone carrying a lighter on a plane? I’ve not heard of any. Of course, we have all heard of at least one example of matches being used improperly on a plane (See: CNN Timeline: The shoe bomber case)

I can only assume, therefore, that this lighter ban is prohibition merely for prohibition’s sake. Were our interests truly being considered matches would have been banned first. Lazy, under-educated screeners are too stupid to distinguish from various lighters? Well fire them then. Oh wait. We can’t. They are federal employees. >:(

This prohibition relegates adult citizens to that of a public high schooler who gets busted for carrying aspirin. A legal substance but because we adults have been deemed too immature to handle a lighter we can not carry them onto a plane. I was under the impression that I fully severed my need for a mommy looking over my shoulder when I moved out on my own. Thank you nanny. I wouldn’t want to have to actually think for myself.

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