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You ain’t from around here…

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At lunchtime today, I was standing near Johnson Square waiting for Mike to pick me up. It was a gorgeous, sunny 75 degrees out. I was wearing khaki pants, a grey t-shirt, and a red sweatshirt, unzipped.

Three people walked past me, obvious tourists. They appeared to be a mom, dad, and daughter, about 10 years old or so. All are decked out with the essential tourist give-away clues – cameras, maps, wide-brimmed hat for mom, fannie packs, fluorescent shorts, and white, thick-soled sneakers.

As they approach, the walking/jumping, little girl exclaims to her parents, “This is great! It’s like the 4th of July out here!” and she twirls around, raising her arms to honor the sky.

They walk past and the little girl does a doubletake on me. In a child-volumed whisper she says, sounding stunned, “Look, mom! That girl is wearing a sweatshirt!”


Still Lazy After all these Years

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Today is proving to be one of those exquisitely perfect weekend days.

Yesterday I was abruptly awakened by my neighbor moving her lawn and her little boy running around after her yelling, “Mah!Mah!” at 7-freakin-30 in the morning. Having gone to bed at about 3:30, I was none too pleased. I tried to go to sleep in the spare bedroom (a/k/a Wertz‘s room) but that only resulted in me getting a sore neck and a headache. I spent most of yesterday in a hazy grump.

It started raining about 9 pm last night and I remarked to Mike that I wished it rained all day on Sunday so none of our early-bird neighbors would wake us up. Sometimes, life works out so you actually get what you wish for, no strings attached. Today is my day.

It poured all night. My TV just told me we got 3-5 inches over night and we all know TV does not lie. I slept nearly till 10 when the rain really started to come down. I got up, did a window check to make sure the rain wasn’t blowing into any of our open windows (it was not) and I returned to bed. Slept all the way until 1pm when I awoke to the smell of coffee that Mike had already started and the rainy, marshy, ocean scented air coming through the windows.

I’ve been lazily surfing around teh internets all morning, still in my pajamas. I probably would not even bother getting dressed today if it were not for the fact that Mike and I want a surf and turf dinner and we need to go out to get some surf (fresh shrimp). Gee, I hope they are open. It’s a holiday or something, isn’t it?

Blogshares – I’m in!

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More Links

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Almost forgot these guys: How Crazy Am I? and Centrist Revolution.

HCAI is the blog of lederuvdapac, whom I know by way of America’s Debate. Centrist Revolution is the blog of Overlandsailor, also a fellow AD member and sponsor. Sailor’s blog is not Firefox friendly (you gotta move the blog off of AOL, my friend!)

Sorry I forgot you guys.


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I added a few more links to my blogroll, 72hrchikdom and Street Musician. Sorry it took me so long!

I also updated sleepcyan’s blog to reflect her new title, A Velvet Resurrection. I wanted to add Dizzy-Girl but her site seems to be down right now.

If I am missing anyone or you want to make a change to the way your link reads, please leave a comment. :)


The Obligatory Terry Schiavo Post

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When the circus first came to town I did my best to ignore it. Somewhere over the last two weeks, however, we have collectively propelled ourselves into a nationwide frenzy over the ordeal. The whole matter has gone from a family spat to one of the oddest legijudicinfotainment episodes in modern memory. The only reason I feel compelled to write is because it may be one of those incidents on which we will want to reflect in the future. It appears to be a historically unique sort of frenzy.

A few people out there have made certain points about this issue in a much more salient way than I ever could. Eeyore, for example, speaks of the same collective confusion I see regarding facts of the events leading up to and surrounding the last 15 years of Terri Schiavo’s life. I disagree with him, however, when he says that this case is not ‘incredibly confusing’. Any matter that has been litigated for as long and in as many courts as this has is, by default, is confusing. The problem I see is that certain people prefer to not bother themselves with learning all the details. For some, it is far easier to find a few good talking points from the talking heads on their side of the aisle and repeat them ad naseum. Learning details would require independent research and that sounds too much like work.

Newly acquainted fellow Savannah blogger Dizzy-Girl echoes my sentiments surrounding the dark, bureaucratic repercussions that could arise from the legislatures (Federal and Florida State) involving themselves in a single, personal family episode.

I think that we’re crossing a very dangerous line when we allow politicians into personal matters like this. We’re opening the door for them to take more control over our lives and our decisions. I’m just not down with that.

Me neither. Stick that on your slippery slope and slide.

Continuing to ensure my spot between Mike and Wertz in hell, I can’t help but wonder what will become of our already frenzied fundies like Randall Terry if Terry Schiavo dies over Easter weekend, it being Jesus Death Extravaganza Days and all.

I do have an outstanding question regarding the hospice doctors. How are they not being brought before the state board (or whatever agency Florida has established for regulating doctors) to inquire why they are allowing a patient to starve in their care? Mike showed me an article today regarding a Florida farmer who is facing criminal charges:

Rancher Michael Lee Swails of Immokalee is being held in Collier County Jail on 120 felony counts of animal cruelty that accuse him of starving his herd of cattle.

He was arrested Thursday and is being held in jail on $100,000 bail. Each of his 120 charges carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.
The News-Press

So let me get this straight. It’s a felony to starve cattle in Florida, but not people…oooookkkkk. Florida continues to live up to its reputation as America’s Wang. The sentiment has been made many times but we don’t starve our pets to death, it’s unconscionable we do it to people. If the rulings stand that she is to die then her go outright. Why prolong the agony? All men must die…. Appropriate musical irony brought to us by Roger Waters.

Is the frenzy surrounding Terry Schiavo’s life and eminent demise a symptom of an increasingly opinionated, yet barely educated, populace? Will we see more frenzy events like this as our access to information and broadcast methods becomes more available? Are we drowning in a sea of information?



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Are you being traded?

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Wee bits

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Another St. Pat’s parade has come and gone for Savannah. Yesterday’s turn out was much more sparse than last year. It was entirely the fault of the weather. I don’t even know if it reached 50, putting us at more than twenty degrees under the average daily high temp for this time of year. The bright side was, despite the fact that it wasn’t bright, there was no rain on our parade. The weather still beat the weather at any Southside Irish parade I attended growing up (and I attended most of them from birth till moving south :D )

The Alee Shriners were allowed to march in the parade again (they withdrew their entire participation a few years ago when they were told to limit their number of marchers). It was great to see old white men dressed as sheiks, hillbillies and pirates. Not sure the connection to anything Irish but their costumes were a hoot.

We only encountered one drunk jerk. On Bay Street, by Tony Roma’s, it got a little crowded and that made it hard to pass if you wanted to move anywhere. Mike and I don’t watch parades like normal people. We don’t camp out in one spot. We keep moving and try to catch the parade from all different spots downtown. For us, seeing the crowds is just as much fun as the parade itself. Anyway, on Bay Street, we decided to stop and watch the parade for a minute and allow the crowd let up a bit before we moved on. Some old, drunk jerk who apparently wanted to pass but was too inhibited to put forth the pushing effort necessary for the thick crowd, starting yelling to no one in particular “That guy won’t move!” After he yells this a few times, Mike tells him, “Go around, we’re watching a parade.” Whala! That was enough to spark the lightbulb over this dimwit to push on through the crowd. Stupid drunk.

Back home again we cooked up the traditional corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. Normally Mike and I can polish off an entire 4 lb. brisket in one sitting, but we didn’t do it this year. It is not a bad thing to have corned beef as a leftover.

Tonight we get to see Buddy Guy. I am soooo thrilled. Show starts at 9 pm. Plenty of time to completely sloth around the house. Maybe I’ll even get a nap. :)


The Scene Turns Green

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It’s that time of year again in Georgia’s oldest city. Yesterday marked the official start of the St. Patrick’s Season. Yes, I realize the official date is 5 days away. Here in Savannah, however, a day is simply not enough. The canned response on why we celebrate this holiday so hardily in Savannah is due to our large population of Irish descendants. But that’s not the real reason – at least it isn’t anymore. St. Patrick’s day happens to occur during the full-on emergence of spring. It starts mid-to-late February with the dogwoods and daffodils showing their stuff, then onto the redbud trees, and by St. Pat’s the city is glowing with miles and miles of azalea bushes. We have all spent the last few months with our windows closed and the heat on. St. Patrick’s day occurs during the seasonal height of spring and we all are eager to get outside and celebrate any reason to be outside.

At about 11:00 yesterday morning, I was sitting at my desk at work, like usual, when I heard a group of men ‘whooing.’ After a brief flashback to college, I look out my window and there I spot a group of young men, clad in festive, green costumes tailgating in the parking lot a few floors below. Good start.

Shortly after work, I was waiting in front of the office building for Mike to pick me up. There were a lot of people milling about in the square and on the street. Many of whom were carrying their legally allowed, 16 oz. or less, single, plastic cup of beer or liquor. Within just a minute or two, I hear the abrupt and intermittent wail of police sirens. It seems they have found a way to make sirens more annoying by not allowing them to scream their long noises. These cops were just turning their sirens on and off really quickly. Damn obnoxious.

Turns out they were being obnoxious for a good reason. Apparently someone organized a fun run and forgot to tell the local media about it. Or maybe the media just didn’t want to report it. Either way, these cops were a rolling road closure so about a 1,000 runners and a few straggling walkers could make their way through the historic district. I enjoyed a few minutes of watching the runners. Runners look silly as it is. They looked even funnier dressed up in green hats, clothes, and beaded necklaces.

When the stream of runners looked like it would never end, I started to get a little annoyed. Was Mike going to be able to get through this in his car? Why am I not seeing any cars driving on the other side of the square? Did the cops close the road down without warning anyone during rush-hour?

The answer was yes, they did close down the square during Friday rush-hour traffic without warning anyone. Typical Savannah. However, Mike was his usual resourceful self and knew to cut down an alley, er ‘lane’ as they call them down here, to come around to get me. Such traffic annoyances are a trade-off for the leisurely lifestyle we lead here, I guess.

During my wait for Mike, I noticed the fountains had been turned green. I honestly thought the officials would wait until Monday. Nice to see they don’t mind getting the party started early. Here’s more on the greening of the fountains: St. Pat’s Leaders Turn City’s Fountains Green, Savannah Morning News, 03.11.05.

Next week is going to be a blast. I have a three-day workweek. Thursday, the official date of St. Patrick, all the offices in the building in which I work are forced to close by building management due to the parade that goes around our block. Oh darn, a forced day off. Seeing an opportunity here, I opted to take Friday and the following Monday off. Instant 5 day weekend at the height of spring. Yeah me!

I must give the city of Savannah a lot of credit for the planning of St. Pat’s festivities this year. They were wise enough to blend them in with the ever growing Savannah Music Festival. Before the St. Pat’s celebrations can wear down, we kick the city party back up by inviting a large variety of musical acts to keep people around and in hopes of attracting a few more.

This year, the music fest organizers were smart enough to invite the legendary Buddy Guy, who graciously accepted. While we have no way to prove it, Mike and I like to think that the invitation was extended due to Mike’s emailing the organizers last year advising them to invite Buddy. We will be enjoying his concert from the 7th row, aisle seats. If you’ve not had the fortune to see Buddy Guy play, your life is lacking and unfulfilled. I mean it. This man is a living legend. If you have seen him, then you fully understand the beauty of snagging an upfront, aisle seat for a Buddy Guy concert. While sitting in a concert hall to see him may not be as much fun as seeing him at his own club in Chicago, Buddy Guy is a king of showmanship and any concert he gives will demonstrate this. Buddy does a number of amusing acts on stage to enhance your blues experience with him. One of these is that he hooks up to a 150 foot long cord and walks among the audience playing. I once saw him at Legends do this but there he walked outside with his guitar in the middle of a freezing, flurrying, January night to play for the people on the street who couldn’t squeeze into the club. Quintessential Chicago blues. Pure genius.

If you need a holiday, please consider visiting this dreamy land where the river meets the sea. I would not want to be anywhere else this time of year.


Wolf! Wolf!

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Odd request time. I am looking to find any, preferably all, references to the Big Bad Wolf in classic children’s stories. So far I can recall Big Bad Wolf starring in Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Peter and the Wolf, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I’m stuck there. If you can think of any more, I would be most obliged.


The Blogger’s Dilemma

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When there is no time, there is inspiration.
When there is time, there is no inspiration.


Moronic America #1

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This is the first in what may or may not become a series of posts regarding moronic actions taken by the United States Government.

CNN News Item, 2.28.2005: TSA: Airplane lighter ban to take effect in April

Airline passengers, who already are prohibited from carrying torch-like butane lighters onto commercial aircraft, will be prohibited from carrying any type of lighter on planes and into secure areas of airports beginning April 14, the Transportation Security Administration announced Monday.

But the TSA is not prohibiting matches, at least not yet.

Huh? Que? Bitte? This makes no freakin’ sense. Has there EVER been a problem with someone carrying a lighter on a plane? I’ve not heard of any. Of course, we have all heard of at least one example of matches being used improperly on a plane (See: CNN Timeline: The shoe bomber case)

I can only assume, therefore, that this lighter ban is prohibition merely for prohibition’s sake. Were our interests truly being considered matches would have been banned first. Lazy, under-educated screeners are too stupid to distinguish from various lighters? Well fire them then. Oh wait. We can’t. They are federal employees. >:(

This prohibition relegates adult citizens to that of a public high schooler who gets busted for carrying aspirin. A legal substance but because we adults have been deemed too immature to handle a lighter we can not carry them onto a plane. I was under the impression that I fully severed my need for a mommy looking over my shoulder when I moved out on my own. Thank you nanny. I wouldn’t want to have to actually think for myself.

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