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Sunday Serenity

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It’s been one of those Sundays where I’ve been too lazy to even get dressed. It started raining late last night and it’s still going as I type. It was an ideal day to sleep in, catch up on laundry and surf around on the computer.

The upgrading is pretty much done. I think there are some outstanding issues with seeing private entries. However, I’ve stopped posting private entries since I moved The Gull Reef Club to the AD domain. No reason for me to nag Mike to get it fixed.


Today’s surfing brought me to the following stops:

~Calvin & Hobbes – every Calvin & Hobbes comic strip ever. How cool is that?

~Blink O Rama – an amusing collection of blinkers caught on television. I love humans at our ugliest.

~Improv Everywhere – I have NO idea why this page has no google page rank. They’ve been online at this domain since 2002 and their work is hilarious. Follow the “Missions” link. I recommend the most recent McDonald’s Bathroom Attendant, New Cheerios, and Writers Against Piracy.

~Ad*Access – this site is Duke University’s ongoing database project of historical advertisements. Among the more disturbing ads I found were for:
~~~Zonitors vaginal suppository Do you wonder or are you ‘hep’ to the extra advantages of this Intimate Feminine Hygiene? Take particular note of their special packaging, “Each sealed in separate glass vial” – ewww.

~~~Colgate’s Magic Wand of Shaving Life wasn’t so great for the men back in the day either. At least the Magic Wand of Shaving came complete with “scientific directions” and was “Passed by the Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Shavers.”

~~~Ivory Soap’s Giovanni Rossano, American – I can only assume this ad was published before the ever so useful focus group. As you’ll see, Ivory soap is bragging about their popularity with new immigrant mothers but the ad itself is not geared towards such women. It is obviously speaking to a slightly different audience when it reads, “it’s so easy for these eager foreign mothers to learn to say it, so easy for them to find it, and so very reasonable in price.” This must have been the inspiration for the modern day Olive Garden commercials.

One last little gem from Ad*Access was this: Canned Music – as relevant today as it was back then.

The good old days…bah humbug.


Enjoy the remaining hours of your Sunday. :D

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