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Trouble in Paradise

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I don’t like this…China targets Caribbean trade

China is waging an aggressive campaign of seduction in the Caribbean, wooing countries away from relationships with rival Taiwan, opening markets for its expanding economy, promising to send tourists, and shipping police to Haiti in the first communist deployment in the Western Hemisphere.

I will not sit and defend U.S. world policing policies and I certainly can’t advocate this. China has atrocious human rights records and I am ashamed my official leaders won’t call the Chinese leaders on the carpet for it. Now they are aggressively moving into this hemisphere. This should bother someone who leads us but I hear little. Please, please keep using our dollar.

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  1. phobosmoon3 says:

    I agree with your worries. I too am not sure if China’s human rights record has improved enough for them to gain the type of economic cooperation they are currently enjoying. I would at least like to see a statement detailing the US’s feelings about our new neighbors.

  2. Jaime says:

    Heya phobos – welcome to the Gull Reef Club.

    I agree with you that honesty is all I really want here. China is quickly becoming a powerful country and we still pretend like they are just another third world nation. Know anyplace online I can learn Mandarin? :rolleyes:

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