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16 Years Late

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You Belong in 1960


If you scored…

1960 – 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule – oh, and drugs too.

Uh, yeah. This sounds about right. :D

Thanks, Wertz

2 Responses to “16 Years Late”

  1. I came in at 1973 (Would have likely been 1773 if the test went back that far ;-) )

  2. Jaime says:

    Heehee, 1773. Sounds about right for you. Being female, the far past is only a place I would want to visit – certainly wouldn’t want to live there.

    Fwiw, I’ve tried to read your blog but AOL and Firefox are not on friendly terms. My browswer locks up nearly every time I try to visit your site. :(

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