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Humpday on the Island

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The Gull Reef Club Lounge. It is late Wednesday night or maybe early Thursday morning. Only the hardcore locals make it in. Jaime is tending bar. Mike sits on the small stage confidently hammering out a melodic tune on his steel drum while simultaneously blowing into a harmonica. Only a sound that Mike could pull off and that he did. Quite well.

Wertz and Cyan are sitting at the bar adding to the room’s smoke content and sipping on whatever it was Jaime was serving that night. We find the three of them in the middle of an animated conversation, surprisingly lively for a weeknight on the island.

J: Seriously, Wertz, are you going to do it?
W: Gah. How many people are going to ask me that? That poll…(laughs)
C: I’m glad you posted that poll. I think it opened up an very interesting dialogue. It’s amazing how many different views people hold on marriage.
W: Yeah, I admit, I was surprised by the how varied the responses were. So many reasons for and against.
J: Well, there may be a lot of reasons for but none are convincing enough to me.
W: I’m thinking you’re right.
C: But you have to admit with the way the states’ laws are structured, we are sort of are forced into it if we want certain legal protections.
J: Oh, woman, don’t make me get up on my soapbox. That is the exact thing that annoys me the most. The blatant violation of the 14th amendment. Where is the equal protection of the citizens there? When some people are allowed to be classified as a privileged class – i.e. married – and then those citizens are afforded certain rights that are denied of others we have a serious violation of our Constitution.
C: Well don’t get mad at me. I didn’t make the system.
J: Oh, sorry, honey, I know that. It just upsets me so much. I mean, not only do we have a blatant Constitutional violation, we now have politicians using it as a wedge issue to drive people to the polls. How sick is that? Seriously. It’s so obviously pandering. If these so called morally motivated politicians REALLY cared about the institution of marriage they would work to eradicate or at least reduce divorce. It’s not the institution. We all know that. (pounds fist on bar) It’s exactly this kind of two faced lying that makes me want to…

Eeyore enters the lounge, large smile on his face, “It’s humpday on the island!” he sings as he tosses a brown, paisley-covered, paper sack onto the bar, throws his jacket over a stool, and walks onto the stage. He leans over, speaking inaudibly to Mike, who then taps out a few notes and nods to Eeyore. Mike begins the old familiar tune as Eeyore serenades the locals, “Somewhere, beyond the sea…”


5 Responses to “Humpday on the Island”

  1. Cyan says:

    Well, it is interesting how many views people hold about marriage, but most of them are wrong. ;)

  2. Titus says:

    Where was I during this whole thing…. wait a minute… island getaway…alcohol…never mind, I’m not sure I want to remember.

  3. Jaime says:

    I hope I had you characterized well, Cyan. /blush

    Titus – you weren’t in this because you have been busy outfitting the lighthouse to look like a giant, waving Uncle Sam for the upcoming ExPatriot’s Day holiday – the biggest and most largely celebrated holiday on the island! lol :D

  4. Cyan says:

    You definitely had me characterized well. I just thought I’d add a thought bubble. :P

  5. Wertz says:

    Yow – how did I miss this? I think you have us all pegged – Titus included. :P

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