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Jerry Garcia Power Co.

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It has been sometime since I have been able to recall any dreams. This is actually a bit frustrating for me because I enjoy the surreal lucidity dreams provide.

This dream involved Mike, me and one of our cats, Jerry Garcia. Mike had figured out a way to harness energy through him. It involved us attaching two, brown, rectangular shaped patches to his front underarms. Everytime he moved, he created energy that was harnessed in boxes scattered throughout the house. We could then plug in and power low wattage appliances through the boxes. That’s all I recall.

I subjected Mike to my recalling that dream. Instead of his usual eyeroll and polite ‘uh-huh’ he sent me this article Invention Sees through Walls,

The Angel Light—Hurtubise (the inventor) claims the concept came to him in a recurring dream—can reportedly see through walls, as if there was no barrier at all.

“I had a dream about a year and a half ago as I do for most of my innovations, just a dream, and I saw it, saw the whole casing and everything, and I saw what it could do,” Hurtubise said.

“I had the same dream about that three times and by the third time I had it in my head and I started to build it.”

I think I may be onto something…

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  1. Wertz says:

    Next time you have this dream, try to find out what those rectangular patches are made of!

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