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Ayuda! No comprende…

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As your typical Amero-centric citizen, I speak only one language fluently – and yes, it’s English, despite what you may think :P

In high school and college I took German language classes but never put enough effort into becoming fluent. Plus, this was before I had regular access to the ‘net and I couldn’t afford immersion learning so I was restricted to the school provided materials. Nicht SpaƟ.

I also have dabbled with learning Spanish on my own for years. Growing up near Chicago, I was exposed to a lot of Spanish speaking families. Sadly, many of their children (my friends) were embarrassed by their parents speaking Spanish, so I never picked up much from them. I did learn to count to 20 from Sesame Street. I can also string you together enough words to sing you a very cheesy love song. This is because I sometimes listen to salsa music at work and then run words I hear through babelfish.

For all practical purposes, knowing Spanish in America is far more useful than German. I want to work toward picking up the language better. I found this site Destinos: Introduction to Spanish. It is run by PBS and it provides a full year’s worth of free Spanish lessons online. This seems like a much more formal start than I’ve been able to find elsewhere at the same cost.

Mike has also expressed some interest in this too. He took Spanish in high school but also never became fluent. I think it would help me a lot if he were taking these lessons with me. I figure if I put my desire to learn Spanish out here, I’m forcing myself to live up to it. It’s one thing to make promises in your head and another to make them in front of witnesses.

If any of you want to try and learn along with me, let me know. It could be very helpful to encourage each other.


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