The Gull Reef Club


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Tonight Mike and I had the pleasure of joining his father for dinner at Lady and Sons. Dinner ended over 4 hours ago and I’m still hurting. I think I ate plate of macaroni & cheese and collard greens alone. These are in addition to the fried chicken, bbq ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans, cheese biscuits, hoecakes, black eyed peas, banana pudding and abundant iced tea. MMMmmmm.

We then came back to our place and played Trivial Pursuit, where I mostly kicked ass. I got all the pieces but the guys kept giving me sports questions when I got to the center and there’s no way I can answer those. Jerks. We finally got sick of going around and around like that and they eventually forfeited to my genius. I admit Mike got two really bogus questions tonight. One was a trick question, the details of which are dull and I won’t bore you with them here. The other may be of slight interest to you internet-user-types. The question asked something like ‘In net lingo what is the proper term of the portion of a URL some users like to call ‘sextuple-U’? Obviously, the answer is www. Now, I’ve been surfing the net for over ten years, Mike even longer, and neither one of us have ever heard that term. I ran it through <Urban Dictionary and I got nothing. Have any of you heard of this? I think I may need to lodge a formal complaint with the Trivial Pursuit people. :P

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

The Gull Reef Club