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Happy Solstice!

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Happy Solstice, everyone. I love this day. Our side of the earth begins its tilt back toward the sun. The daylight hours get longer for the next six months, and I’m happier for it.

Mike and I had an interesting solstice moment today. A few minutes before sunset, I was at work, not working, thinking about the solstice and googling to find a sunset time schedule for the area. As I was looking for this, Mike IMs me from home as if he were right there and says, “Shortest day of the year, right?” We do curious, little things like that a lot to each other. I rarely manage to remember to write them down. No one else is on our wavelength though. It was one of those days where everyone seemed to move on a slower plane or maybe my dimension settings were set a little fast. Either way, it seemed like most didn’t care it was such a great day and just plodded along with their 1,000 yard stares.

Enjoy the voluminous darkness.

2 Responses to “Happy Solstice!”

  1. sleepycyan says:

    Enjoy the voluminous darkness.

    How very goth of you… I think I will enjoy it, and I’m taking you with me. Mwa ha ha!

    Isn’t solstice, grand?

  2. eeyoresrays says:

    I have long enjoyed the winter solstice because it can’t get any worse than the shortest day of the year for a sun/heat loving hedonist. However my time in Santa Barbara made me wonder about my feelings about this. The best day of the year there was the Summer Solstice parade when the relatively conservative town gives way to a Dionysian festival a la a Doo Dah Parade. That is when things are just as I woud have them.

    I think I have moved my favorite day to the vernal equinox. Because at that point winter is over and months of great weather all lie ahead of me. The planet begins to explode in rebirth and it is hard to worry about things melancholy and morose for any time. It is the emergence of buds and ducklings.

    This solstice is a relief because things are turning but there is a lot of darkness ahead and I find less joy in this moment than I used to because of the long wait ahead.

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