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C is for Cookie

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No writing all weekend. Needed the time to bake cookies. And bake we did…

We ended up with 7 different kinds of cookies. Pinwheels, Candy Canes, Chocolate Chips, Oatmeal Icebox, Pecan Balls, Toffee Bars, and some Mike and I have dubbed ‘Green and Red Ones.’ Clever, I know. They were aptly described by a friend tonight as ‘buttermint.’ The recipe called for a freakin’ pound of butter. That’s four whole sticks for you non-cooks out there. Most of the cookies turned out delicious, maybe a few overdone ones here or there. At this moment, however, I don’t want to eat another cookie or anything with sugar. I can’t escape it though. At work, we have some Dutch chocolates, a box of chocolate covered pretzels, a container of mixed nuts and candies, and some peppermint cookies – and there are only two of us there this week! Damn, I’ve got a lot of eating to do. Can’t let it all go to waste.

Now if it would only warm up, I could walk some of this off. It is abnormally cold for Savannah (and a good portion of the U.S & Canada, I hear). When I was a kid, abnormally cold weather would often prompt my father to comment that it was ‘colder than a witch’s titty.’ The literal meaning would get a chuckle out of us kids but I never gave much thought to the origin of the phrase when I was young; I just accepted it as a funny way to mean really, really, really, freezing-ass cold. Anyone now wondering what the origin of that phrase was? Me too, and apparently so were other people because I found The Straight Dope’s What’s the origin of the expression, “colder than a witch’s tit”?. Damn, I love the internet.

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