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I posted this as a comment in Wertz’s journal, but it deserves a reprint here:

I, ADJaime, a/k/a Jaime of America’s Debate, do hereby solemnly swear that I will never commit suicide. If I should pass away in an untimely fashion, I kindly request my trusted friends and family to seek an unbiased and immediate autopsy to determine my means of death. Under no circumstances shall my death be ruled a suicide. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, fight back. They are lying.
-Jaime, Savannah, GA, USA


English muffin pizzas for dinner tonight. No tin foil needed.

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  1. wertz says:

    Ha! I’ve been dying for an opportunity to post this link somewhere – and you’ve just provided it!


  2. This is a powerful and effective message. I don’t think I would leave one like it. I can imagine circumstances where I would end my own life (extreme suffering with no hope of relief) although I think that would be very unlikely. Anyway, I am utterly harmless to the Powers That Be. If things get so bad that they’re willing to go after someone like me, there is no hope anywhere.

    On a lighter note, dinner tonight was very strange. We put together some odds and ends to come up with a sort of Saag Aloo (spinach and potatoes with home-made yogurt cheese) and a nameless thing made up of home-made vegetarian “stuffing” (bread crumbs with a lot of veggies, sage, and other spices) served with bits of tofu and sliced apples. Sounds horrible even to me, but it was pretty good, with a very autumnal flavor.

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