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The Gull Reef Club Christmas Party!
a meme by Karen_Walker
You’ve been

Your Date vickisilverwolf
The Party Host/ess 72hrchik
Dressed as Santa fridgemagnet
Santa’s Elf terminal3
Stole the Presents hannityinsanity
Kissed You Under Mistletoe padraig_pearse
Drunk on Eggnogg one_old_soul
Knocked Over the Tree wertz
Still Believes in Santa sleepycyan
Mr. Grinch wertz
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We tried this recipe tonight Old Bay Grilled Lime Tuna Steak. It wasn’t bad. A little too heavy on the lime, though. We also had beef skewers with the left over chuck steak from Friday. Mike broiled them with Montreal steak seasoning and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. We complimented the meats with broccoli with cheese and spinach dip on club crackers. I got around to making the sour cream cookies today as well. All in all, a good food Sunday.

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