The Gull Reef Club


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It had been just too gorgeous out to sit at my computer for the last few days. All week it had been in the upper 70′s. Unfortunately, the bottom dropped out last night and I woke up to the low 60′s. It made getting out of bed awfully difficult. We may even need to turn the heat back on. Grrr…

Dinner from Thursday was Subway. Mike worked late & brought it home for an easy dinner. A footlong with turkey, ham & roastbeef for me. Last night’s dinner was an experiment for us but it turned out very good. We picked up some tostadas and cheap steak and made our own Mexican pizzas. This included a tostada topped with refried beans, steak, cheese, sourcream and tomatoes. Mmmm…we will definitely do that again.

I am really hoping to find time to make Old Fashioned Sour Cream Cookies. Cookies make this time of year easier to deal with all the other holiday crap. I probably need to get a cookie press and move beyond the realm of drop cookies and onto something a little more complex. I’ve never used a cookie press before but I’m certain I can master it. Me want coooooookies…

The Gull Reef Club