The Gull Reef Club


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Ugh. My computer decided to take a dive on Sunday. Somewhere along the line, and beyond my comprehension, my virus scanner and Windows stopped playing nice and this resulted in a corrupted hal.dll file. I only mention this because I took a bit of delight in that it was ‘hal’ screwing up my computer. Ultimate in geek humor.

I did manage to have dinner everynight I was away, so without further ado…

Sunday was Beef Stroganoff, recipe from Mike’s mom. Monday was leftovers.

Tonight was Chinese from our favorite little take out place. Mike and I each get one of their dinner specials. The specials include one main dish with an egg roll, fried rice and egg drop soup. Mike got General Tso’s chicken and I got Hunan beef. We always end up sharing our dishes with each other, though. We also got crabmeat rangoon and cheese sticks. Why the Chinese food place sells mozzarella cheese sticks is beyond me, but what the fuck? It was only a buck.

I can and will spoil tomorrow night’s dinner for you. If you read this for the suspense and drama my dinner offers, stop reading now; spoiler ahead … tomorrow night’s dinner will be…more of the same, without the egg drop soup and cheese sticks.

Aw blast, now what will I write about tomorrow?

The Gull Reef Club