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May you sleep with a full belly in a warm bed tonight.

Peace on Earth.


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Tonight Mike and I had the pleasure of joining his father for dinner at Lady and Sons. Dinner ended over 4 hours ago and I’m still hurting. I think I ate plate of macaroni & cheese and collard greens alone. These are in addition to the fried chicken, bbq ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans, cheese biscuits, hoecakes, black eyed peas, banana pudding and abundant iced tea. MMMmmmm.

We then came back to our place and played Trivial Pursuit, where I mostly kicked ass. I got all the pieces but the guys kept giving me sports questions when I got to the center and there’s no way I can answer those. Jerks. We finally got sick of going around and around like that and they eventually forfeited to my genius. I admit Mike got two really bogus questions tonight. One was a trick question, the details of which are dull and I won’t bore you with them here. The other may be of slight interest to you internet-user-types. The question asked something like ‘In net lingo what is the proper term of the portion of a URL some users like to call ‘sextuple-U’? Obviously, the answer is www. Now, I’ve been surfing the net for over ten years, Mike even longer, and neither one of us have ever heard that term. I ran it through <Urban Dictionary and I got nothing. Have any of you heard of this? I think I may need to lodge a formal complaint with the Trivial Pursuit people. :P

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.


Happy Solstice!

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Happy Solstice, everyone. I love this day. Our side of the earth begins its tilt back toward the sun. The daylight hours get longer for the next six months, and I’m happier for it.

Mike and I had an interesting solstice moment today. A few minutes before sunset, I was at work, not working, thinking about the solstice and googling to find a sunset time schedule for the area. As I was looking for this, Mike IMs me from home as if he were right there and says, “Shortest day of the year, right?” We do curious, little things like that a lot to each other. I rarely manage to remember to write them down. No one else is on our wavelength though. It was one of those days where everyone seemed to move on a slower plane or maybe my dimension settings were set a little fast. Either way, it seemed like most didn’t care it was such a great day and just plodded along with their 1,000 yard stares.

Enjoy the voluminous darkness.


C is for Cookie

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No writing all weekend. Needed the time to bake cookies. And bake we did…

We ended up with 7 different kinds of cookies. Pinwheels, Candy Canes, Chocolate Chips, Oatmeal Icebox, Pecan Balls, Toffee Bars, and some Mike and I have dubbed ‘Green and Red Ones.’ Clever, I know. They were aptly described by a friend tonight as ‘buttermint.’ The recipe called for a freakin’ pound of butter. That’s four whole sticks for you non-cooks out there. Most of the cookies turned out delicious, maybe a few overdone ones here or there. At this moment, however, I don’t want to eat another cookie or anything with sugar. I can’t escape it though. At work, we have some Dutch chocolates, a box of chocolate covered pretzels, a container of mixed nuts and candies, and some peppermint cookies – and there are only two of us there this week! Damn, I’ve got a lot of eating to do. Can’t let it all go to waste.

Now if it would only warm up, I could walk some of this off. It is abnormally cold for Savannah (and a good portion of the U.S & Canada, I hear). When I was a kid, abnormally cold weather would often prompt my father to comment that it was ‘colder than a witch’s titty.’ The literal meaning would get a chuckle out of us kids but I never gave much thought to the origin of the phrase when I was young; I just accepted it as a funny way to mean really, really, really, freezing-ass cold. Anyone now wondering what the origin of that phrase was? Me too, and apparently so were other people because I found The Straight Dope’s What’s the origin of the expression, “colder than a witch’s tit”?. Damn, I love the internet.


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Chinese. General Tso’s Chicken & Moo Goo Gai Pan with the usual sides.


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English muffin pizzas again. Dinner was a bit rushed. It’s chatnight at America’s Debate and we have the added bonus of giving away a t-shirt to a member. It should be a lot of fun.

Christmas thought of the day:
Whoever came up with those terrible, monotone Old Navy caroling ads should be locked in a room and forced to listen to them until next Christmas.


Tinfoil Hat Brigade

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I posted this as a comment in Wertz’s journal, but it deserves a reprint here:

I, ADJaime, a/k/a Jaime of America’s Debate, do hereby solemnly swear that I will never commit suicide. If I should pass away in an untimely fashion, I kindly request my trusted friends and family to seek an unbiased and immediate autopsy to determine my means of death. Under no circumstances shall my death be ruled a suicide. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, fight back. They are lying.
-Jaime, Savannah, GA, USA


English muffin pizzas for dinner tonight. No tin foil needed.


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Ugh. Captain D’s coupon again. At least I’m fed. Time for SimCity.


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The Gull Reef Club Christmas Party!
a meme by Karen_Walker
You’ve been

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Santa’s Elf terminal3
Stole the Presents hannityinsanity
Kissed You Under Mistletoe padraig_pearse
Drunk on Eggnogg one_old_soul
Knocked Over the Tree wertz
Still Believes in Santa sleepycyan
Mr. Grinch wertz
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We tried this recipe tonight Old Bay Grilled Lime Tuna Steak. It wasn’t bad. A little too heavy on the lime, though. We also had beef skewers with the left over chuck steak from Friday. Mike broiled them with Montreal steak seasoning and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. We complimented the meats with broccoli with cheese and spinach dip on club crackers. I got around to making the sour cream cookies today as well. All in all, a good food Sunday.


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It had been just too gorgeous out to sit at my computer for the last few days. All week it had been in the upper 70′s. Unfortunately, the bottom dropped out last night and I woke up to the low 60′s. It made getting out of bed awfully difficult. We may even need to turn the heat back on. Grrr…

Dinner from Thursday was Subway. Mike worked late & brought it home for an easy dinner. A footlong with turkey, ham & roastbeef for me. Last night’s dinner was an experiment for us but it turned out very good. We picked up some tostadas and cheap steak and made our own Mexican pizzas. This included a tostada topped with refried beans, steak, cheese, sourcream and tomatoes. Mmmm…we will definitely do that again.

I am really hoping to find time to make Old Fashioned Sour Cream Cookies. Cookies make this time of year easier to deal with all the other holiday crap. I probably need to get a cookie press and move beyond the realm of drop cookies and onto something a little more complex. I’ve never used a cookie press before but I’m certain I can master it. Me want coooooookies…


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Ha. Check this out:
Tug Sleigh
Christmas Apple a/k/a The Apple of Jesus

These should look very familiar to you, Wertz. Doesn’t this notoriety make freezing your ass off all worth it?

More joy of the ugly season can be found at Ugly Christmas Lights.

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They are now playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D – you know, the wedding hold music. Wrong occasion, guys.

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Here’s a song I’ve never heard before. It’s Jim Weatherly’s ‘Blessings in Disguise’ (so says this net-dj). This little diddy includes lyrics like “and the car hit a tree” and “he didn’t have to marry her but he did.” This is not a funny Christmas song. This guy is earnestly and in a very heartfelt way (well, to him, I’m sure it was) singing about trying to make tragedy into blessing. Good luck with that, Jim.

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I fucking hate Manheim Steamroller.

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Ok…they just played a Cheech & Chong Christmas clip…

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Ugh. My computer decided to take a dive on Sunday. Somewhere along the line, and beyond my comprehension, my virus scanner and Windows stopped playing nice and this resulted in a corrupted hal.dll file. I only mention this because I took a bit of delight in that it was ‘hal’ screwing up my computer. Ultimate in geek humor.

I did manage to have dinner everynight I was away, so without further ado…

Sunday was Beef Stroganoff, recipe from Mike’s mom. Monday was leftovers.

Tonight was Chinese from our favorite little take out place. Mike and I each get one of their dinner specials. The specials include one main dish with an egg roll, fried rice and egg drop soup. Mike got General Tso’s chicken and I got Hunan beef. We always end up sharing our dishes with each other, though. We also got crabmeat rangoon and cheese sticks. Why the Chinese food place sells mozzarella cheese sticks is beyond me, but what the fuck? It was only a buck.

I can and will spoil tomorrow night’s dinner for you. If you read this for the suspense and drama my dinner offers, stop reading now; spoiler ahead … tomorrow night’s dinner will be…more of the same, without the egg drop soup and cheese sticks.

Aw blast, now what will I write about tomorrow?


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Dinner was one of my favorites tonight. Fresh shrimp boiled with two limes, a lemon, Old Bay Seasoning and eaten with homemade cocktail sauce (Mike and I tend to go real heavy on the horseradish). Also had broccoli with cheese and Cuban bread. Our normal favorite semolina bread was overcooked at Publix today so we opted to try this Cuban bread. It turned out to be very good. Quite a bit like French bread but much lighter and the crust was thinner and crisper. We will definitely buy it again.

We lucked out and happened to have all the ingredients needed to make oatmeal raisin cookies. The recipe came from a reprint of a 1960′s cookie book that Mike’s mom & sisters gave us for Christmas last year. They turned out awesome. Being an old recipe though, we ended up making about 75 cookies. I think I will have to bring some to work with me on Monday or we will be eating these cookies all week…which, on second thought, may not be all that bad.


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The two worst times to go to the grocery store are when you are really hungry and when you are really not. Tonight was the latter. Both Mike and I had a late lunch (a huge crab cake sandwich for me…mmm…) so neither one of us really wanted dinner. Serious lack of imagination set in and after Mike and I thoroughly annoyed each other we defaulted for the old stand by – breakfast for dinner. Mike’s been on a pancake kick. So it’s pancakes and brown & serve sausage & yogurt. Yippee.

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