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Under Construction

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Unless you’re surfing this journal by a webreader for the blind, you’ll have noticed some changes. After many months, I’ve finally settled on a name for this online shindig. I’m also working to modify the look to match. Time for dinner now (pancakes and bacon and orange juice…anything but turkey!). I’ll catch you all up soon. In the meantime, the Gull Reef Club is under construction. Relax and have a glass of champaign on the house… Cheers!

5 Responses to “Under Construction”

  1. sleepycyan says:

    Looking good so far. You’re colours are very festive. :)

  2. adjaime says:

    Hmmm…festive how? I was going for a day at the beach look. I think I may need to lighten my ‘sand’ :)

  3. sleepycyan says:

    Yep. A day at the beach is festive, IMO. :)

  4. I also like the colors. I would call them peaceful.

  5. adjaime says:

    Thanks. Looking at it here on my computer at work, it’s easier on the eyes than at home. I think I may need to simply turn down the contrast on my computer at home.

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