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A REAL Mission Accomplished

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I’m so excited! For the first time EVER in my life, I am DONE with Christmas shopping early. I am overjoyed by this. I normally despise Christmas. I hate the stress of last minute purchases, the stress of trying to figure out what someone would like and the throng crowds in the stores. But Mike and I have managed to successfully avoid all of that. MUCH of the credit has to go to Mike for finding killer, and time-barred, deals that forced us to get rolling earlier than we normally would.

I may actually decorate the house for Christmas this year. I don’t think I’ll mind all the lights, tinsel, and pine incense (just keep the animated Santas away from me. I don’t care how happy I am about Christmas – there is no way I will ever like those creepy things). I know this makes Mike really happy, too. I tend to get him down this time of year with my incessant bitching about the holiday season. I’m glad I’m not going to ruin it for him for once. :D

3 Responses to “A REAL Mission Accomplished”

  1. wertz says:

    Mike likes Christmas? Hmmn, I wonder where I can find a cheap animated Santa…

  2. I truly, absolutely, completely hate the holiday season. I avoid it by not sending gifts or cards to anybody. No decorations or trees at our house, either.

  3. terminal3 says:

    Right, I guess I should bring you an animated santa when I stop by after the New Year eh? ;)

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