The Gull Reef Club


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Last night brought on a current events dream of typically warped proportions. I was in one of my high school’s gyms. There were about twenty students there. They were all wearing gym uniforms,orange shirts with red shorts. They stood in two rows, all facing in the same direction, looking toward the instructor. The instructor was barking orders at them to turn this way and that. I sat on the floor looking up at them. The instructor yelled to me to get in line like the others. I laughed and told him/her (never got a good look at the face), ‘No way.’

The teacher started to scream at me, belittling me, asking me things like ‘what’s wrong with you?’ ‘don’t you want to be like the others?’ ‘afraid you can’t you do it?’ The students joined in, ‘too good to be like the rest of us?’ ‘think you’re so special?’

I laughed at them again and told them, ‘this is how it’s supposed to work. All of you follow and one or two of us dissent. In the end you look like fools. For now, I do.’ This only angered them and they merged together and started walking toward me.

I got a little scared and yelled, ‘Don’t come near me or I will go to the media!’ I turned to look for an escape route and I saw Bill o’Reilly sitting on the floor in the same uniform as everyone else. He gave me a twisted grin and asked, ‘You called for the media?’ ‘No! I need the real media. Not you.’ He tried to insist he could help me and then I stopped him and said, ‘Wait. What are you doing in a high school gym class? You shouldn’t be here. Ewww..’

I blame this dream on Wertz’s latest America’s Debate avatar series and, of course, the O’Reilly lawsuit

The Gull Reef Club