The Gull Reef Club


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I’ve had a number of dreams over the last week and haven’t had an opportunity to write them down. I am on hold with the Gwinnett County Clerk at the moment, so I have some time.

First one was a nightmare. I don’t have these often. It involved me being at a family reunion that involved my dad’s side of the family and one of my friend’s families. It was early afternoon on a Sunday after this reunion weekend. Mike and I were trying to get ready to go but things kept holding us up. I recall having trouble putting the cat cages together and also being held up by having to walk in a long narrow alley. It kept getting later and later and I was getting more and more frustrated. I simply had to get home because I had work the next day. The next thing that held us up was the fact that my dad was on the phone & I couldn’t say goodbye to him until he was. I started having a panic attack and I was screaming and crying and throwing a tantrum because we couldn’t leave. I woke up breathless and nearly crying over this.

Next one was short. I was in a futuristic, galactic bar. There were aliens of all sorts and people dressed in strange costumes. It was very crowded and I squeezed my way up to the bar. I was standing next to a very large, older human. He was telling stories and caught my interest. I stood listening to him for a minute and he leaned back. When he did, I was nearly face to face with an old friend turned enemy from high school (haven’t thought about this chick in years in conscious life). I was taken aback to see her and sort of gasped for something to say. She just looked at me with a bewitching smile and winked. All I recall.

This next one is fun in that twisted dream sort of way. I was in the mountains in what appeared to be Afghanistan. I was part of an assault team that had been sent out there to find the secret place the U.S. was bringing Saddam Hussein for his trial (yes, I realize the geography-reality problem with this). I remember that I had found a perfect hiding place that was between two mountains and high up looking down on a road. I waited there for days expecting the transport caravan to pass by. Eventually a large black bus, like the kind in which rock stars travel, started to roll down the road. I lifted my rocket launcher, aimed, and blew the bus up. I then high-tailed it out of there to get back to my team. When I got back we all went into a scramble to get hidden. That’s where this one ended.

Finally, I had one from last night (resumed typing from home)

It was simply yummy. I was living in a huge multi-pastel colored Victorian house. It seemed like a boarding house because there were a lot of people coming & going that I didn’t recognize. It was a bleak, autumn day. Like those of late November in Illinois. It started with me sheepishly walking from the Victorian house across a yard to a bigger, nicer looking, white, prarie-style house. I knew mom would be there having a meal. I was supposed to have gone to school that day but slept in. As I was walking through the muddy, leafy yard, I was working on a way to convince mom to let me stay home all day and take and absence over a tardy.

I walked up a wheel chair ramp into the back of the white house and was in a huge dining room. There were many tables there and the place was bustling with the usual activity of lunchtime diners. This place was understood by me to be as where the people from the Victorian house always came to eat. The place had a wonderful aroma of southern cooking – a mix of meats, cinnamon, onions, and other hard to discern goodies.

I saw mom nearly right away and went and sat down at her table. She gave me the guilt-inducing mom look. I quickly began my recitation of how my alarm failed to go off and why I should be allowed to stay home. She didn’t say a word to me. Just continued to give me the disapproval look for a few more seconds and then snapped, “Well, get a plate. You might as well eat.”

The next thing I remember is staring down at a white plate filled with collard greens, some kind of meat with red sauce on it, mac & cheese, a roll, beans, corn and a weird triangular shaped dish of sweet potatoes. People at the table with my mother (whom I never saw because I was staring at this plate) stated how good the sweet potatoes were & how they liked the cinnamon & sugar on them. I recall thinking the sweet potatoes didn’t taste the way these people described. I told them so and they found this to be extremely funny. After their laughter subsided, one of them handed me a container and told me to pour it on the sweet potatoes and then mash them up. I did and they turned from brown to orange and tasted very good.


The Gull Reef Club