The Gull Reef Club


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Some fall weather has moved in & the a/c has been off all week. With open windows come detailed dreams. I blame it on the birds. Having the windows open means the cats hear the birds, get antsy for breakfast, and wake me up well before I need to be. It is during those early a.m. hours when I drift in and out of dreamland. Here are two I remember.

First one. I’m in a room that looked a lot like my kitchen but is known to me as a cabin in the mountains in which I’m vacationing. Instead of the nasty late 70′s style my actual kitchen sports, this room was tastefully decorated and there was more wood everywhere (counters, floors, etc.).

I was sitting on one of the counters and was waiting for Mike. I couldn’t get down due to a fear I had of flood waters, but I don’t recall ever having seen any water on the floor – or even having seen the floor for that matter. Sitting across from me is a little girl, white, sandy blond hair, thin, age 10. She was also waiting for someone. She told me her name was Megan and that she was 10 years old (but she looked nothing like the only 10 year old Megan I happen know in real life).

In walks my cat Stella Blue. She has really long legs and is balancing on various drawers that are sticking out in order for her not to touch the floor. Stella’s balancing act was really funny to the little girl and I but I also recall the feeling of being relieved when Stella came in because I would no longer have to find things to talk about with the little girl while we were waiting.

Second one. I was in a very tall Queen Anne style building. I entered the house running and went straight up the stairs. The stairs went on and on, circling many floors. I stopped to rest on one of the floors. Everything was decorated in orange, salmon and dark brown. There was a secretary was sitting behind a desk. She stood up and yelled at me in a low country-trash accent, “The reception party’s up there!” and she pointed to a stairwell that was behind her (not part of the circulating stairwell I was in).

I ran up those stairs and arrived in the attic of the building. It was obvious that the ‘attic’ was an addition to the building because the whole room had a high peak in the middle and the floor sloped in a circle around it. The floor was also made of black asphalt covered shingles. The room was filled with usual attic junk – old clothes and boxes, instruments, toys, holiday decorations. Amid all the junk were a number of tables with matching table clothes and centerpieces.

I was confused as to how a party was going to be held in such a messy, sloping room. I picked up a trombone and placed it on the mantle of a fireplace. I thought to myself, ‘wow. I’m surprised my mom’s cousin is picking up the trombone at his age.’

That’s it.

The Gull Reef Club