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Jenna & Barbara

Yowza. What hotties. Where did I get such an image? FHM? No. Stuff? Nope. Maxim? No again. This little gem was sent to me by the George W. Bush campaign itself. Yes, they are going there now.

Mike adds that it looks like a Christmas photo. What is the deal with those red lights?


If you’ve not signed up to every major presidential candidate’s & party’s newsletters, you should. They’re kind of SPAMmy and all act desperate for money, but they provide whole minutes of mind-numbing fun.


The Laws of American Politics

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The Laws of American Politics is a concept that Mike and I developed a while back and I happened to jot some of it down at the time. For whatever reason (likely my mix of Roger Waters with cold medicine) these thoughts have been roused again.

The Laws of American Politics are blanket statements (gasp!) regarding American politics stated in a scientific fashion. I was hoping that if I posted the ones I managed to write down we might come up with a few new ones.

The Laws of American Politics

1. For every action there is an equal and opposite investigation to determine the best reaction.

2. Cable News: 24 hour news, 15 seconds at a time

3. All damning political confessions are made late Friday afternoon.


Mnemonic Aid Me

Filed under: — Jaime @ 6:58 pm

Does anyone know of a handy mnemonic aid to help me remember how to spell desist? I get caught up on the two s’s. For the life of me, I can never remember how to spell desist and it tends to come up a lot in my line of work (both as a paralegal and a forum admin!).

(I roused myself from my sick stupor to bother with this? I need more sleep…)


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I’ve spent more time than I care to admit at these two sites today:
Build a Better Bush
Random Website.

I love the internet /geek.


Dreaming of Ms. Silverwolf

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I had a silly dream last night.

It involved Victoria Silverwolf – which is odd since she recently mentioned a dream in her journal…

I dreamt that she and I had gone grocery shopping.  In the store she showed me these blueberries that she was fond of.  They were huge – the size of canteloupes.  She told me she liked to slice them, fry them, and eat them  like hamburgers.

I don’t recall much else, but I still have a very vivid recollection of the image of a giant, single blueberry sitting in a grocery cart.

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