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I’ve been meaning to record a few thoughts here, but have kept finding other activities with which to occupy myself. My brain’s notepad is limited so I have to unload some of them now before I lose them. What you’ll find below may make little sense, but I hope to come back and expand on them when time permits.

First, I’ve wanted to start a record of Savannah’s eccentrics. Remember to include the regulars – Particle Man, Stop the Lies, the Abortion Car, Joe Walsh, The Blind M&M’s Man, No Legs Man by CVS, The Saxophone Man, the Robot, Johnny Two Notes, 39 Cents, & The Unicyclist. The ones you’ve not seen in awhile – Yelling Black Lady, the gentle homeless guys in Monterrey Square. And of course, your new favorite – I Harrass You? Remember to tell of the “America” story.

Next, I need to expound on this – Study: 770 dismissed under ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and the related thread at America’s Debate. Wertz, avoid the thread, it will only piss you off. It did me anyway, which is why I need to write about it here rather than there; that, and I would be off topic. Big jist of the pro-anti-gays: We need to protect a few neanderthal bigots from the possibility of ‘getting gay’ because in an intimate situation like front line battle they will not be effective killers if subjected to such traumatic thoughts like gayness.

A quick prediction from Mike regarding this item: Cheney curses Senator Leahy over Halliburton criticism. Mike predicts that Cheney has commenced laying the path to his eventual resignation from the Bush 2004 Campaign as the Vice Presidential candidate in order for a younger, less PNAC leaning replacemento come in.

The city is considering passing a resolution condemning the Patriot act(in a polite, southern way, of course.)

Finally, I just need to remind myself to look more into this: U.S. ends war crimes exemption bid. Is that the Constitution I smell burning? Not sure, gotta look into this…

Anyway, those were the big ideas that need expansion. Hopefully, I will be back soon enough. Wertz will be here tomorrow, however, and I’m looking forward to a fun weekend away from the computer for once.

The Gull Reef Club