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I apologize if anyone was waiting for more G8 updates. It got to be too much after awhile and I just had to stop thinking about it. Mike did a great job of picking up the ball and chronicling events.

I know that I felt like I was living in a Pink Floydian landscape.

Soft, grey moss dripping
from Live Oaks shading
two hundred and fifty year old buildings guarded
by drones in kevlar and space age polymers

The G8 officially ended yesterday afternoon and most of the police and military have finally disappeared. Oddly enough, it was today we had a bomb “scare” (I use the term very lightly) in the square by my office.

About 11 I looked out the window and noticed that there were no pedestrians in the square and no traffic around it. Then I noticed there were police blocking off the square. I couldn’t see much else from the office window and returned to work.

About 1pm, my co-worker had gone to get lunch. She called me on her cellphone and reported that no one was being allowed in the building. I asked her if she knew if I should leave. She had no idea. I asked her what was going on and she did not know that either. I called to the Savannah PD and find out there was a “suspicious package” in the square and no one was being let into the square or surrounding buildings. I asked the deputy if she thought I should leave the building. She claimed I was likely safe but it couldn’t hurt.

I decided it was time for me to have lunch now too. I called my coworker to let her know I was leaving. She said she was going to go shopping on Broughton Street to pass the time and would call me if she heard if the building reopened. I then called Mike to come get me for lunch. I told him I would have to meet him at an adjacent square since the one I worked on was closed. (I have an interesting story about my waiting but I will come back to that).

When I left the building, there was an MP there. He looked at me with a weird expression and asked, “Were you just in there?” I replied that I was. He seemed like he was about to ask something else when two pushy business men came up to him to beg for access to their cars with promises to drive right out of the area. I snuck off and headed over to meet Mike.

I didn’t end up getting any extra time off. My coworker called half way through lunch to tell me I could return. Darn, and here I was looking forward to having a half-day Friday.

Now the waiting story.

< FBI begin transcription here>
I was waiting for Mike to come pick me up from lunch and I happened to be standing on a street corner near an unmarked vehicle. It had all the obvious signs of being an unmarked – dark blue, Crown Victoria with tinted windows, and a single man in a suit sitting in the front seat. A lunchtime sun was streaming in from behind him and I could see right into the car despite the tinting.

The man was reviewing a file folder (the kind that looks like this: file folder). On the left side were papers with words too small to make out. On the right side were three large images of ahem, anyone want to sing along with me? ‘middle eastern looking men.’ Yes, for real.

I couldn’t help but stare. In fact, I remember trying to burn the images in my mind because I knew I shouldn’t have been seeing what I was. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see them all that well with the tinting and my crappy eyesight. I know one image was of a man with a square face and beard. Another was a rounder, chubbier man, also with a beard. The third one was of a shaggier looking man, but the image was somewhat blurry.

I don’t know what I was looking at but it has piqued my curiosity.


Damn, I really wanted to write about my apathy towards Reagan’s death, but I just don’t have it in me tonight…I guess that’s rather fitting actually.

The Gull Reef Club