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This Orwellian nightmare only seems to be getting worse. Wertz has made a nice summary of recent events in his 10am entry from June 4th.

I have some updates since then also.

*Gotta start with ultimate irony. As Wertz mentioned, we here in Coastal Georgia are under a State of Emergency (.pdf) (further reference). Part of the fun of this act is that 20,000 ‘security forces’ will converge on our little area. So the cops start showing up and what happens? Two bank robbery attempts in the oldest square on one day!!

The moron who committed both robberies was later caught, but not right away. The next day there were 4 uniformed officers standing on the northeast corner of Bull and Bryan Street all day. This morning there were private security guards in the same spot. Around the west side of the square was a uniformed officer digging around the truck of an unmarked vehicle. As we drove by, I commented out my open window, “Oh look an undercover.” Yeah, he heard me. :P

There were also two green army humvees and uniformed soldiers parked in a vacant lot near Lincoln and Congress. Further east in a lot across from the housing project on President St., was another army humvee, this time in desert brown.

*Choppers still flying at all hours of the day. We’re getting media birds out here too now. The sky is getting a might bit crowded. Speaking of media, some of us went out to lunch yesterday. We dined at one of the open air restaurants that face River St. Across the river to Hutchison Island, were more satellite dishes and flags and signs with media and other corporate logos than I have ever seen.

*Last night in Garden City, (you know, home of Chief Daniel Don’t Film Me Lyons) 6-8 patrol cars were set up in the median on Rte. 21 with all their lights flashing. Cops were milling about everywhere, with no obvious task. Probably getting ready to set up a roadblock, but I’ve found nothing to verify that so far.

CNN is good for keeping up their articles indefinitely, so here is one that is pretty good at explaining the mood down here: Locals Apprehensive about G8.

Sorry this is such a scattered entry. Expect them to be like this through the G8. I want to try to capture all my impressions of it while they are still fresh, so they tend to be sort of spasmodic.

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  1. wertz says:

    Geez – this all sounds like a bit of overkill, to say the least (and, considering the bank robberies, rather ineffectual overkill at that). I think this is what it must feel like to be under seige.

  2. This is all part of the War on Terrorism, don’t you know?

  3. anonymous says:

    Seems like every day I learn something new about what is going on over there, and each time it is more frightening than the last event.

    On a side note, I had no idea so many of you all had live journals.

    Raven aka Cube Jockey

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